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Leading the way for 40 years was Wolf in her leather vest bearing the triangular Dykes on Bikes logo and chaps. Dykes on Bikes grew to 16 chapters and thousands of members throughout the United States, Britain and Australia. Wherever there is a Pride Parade, Dykes on Bikes are at the head of the pack. That decision led to years of court battles.

Twice, the U.

Dykes on Bikes took the fight to court. With Oliver as lead pro bono attorney and Wolf as primary witness for the applicant, the case took five years as it made its way through three levels to the Supreme Court. In , the high court declined to hear the case, rendering a decision in favor of protecting the name Dykes on Bikes in the court of appeals binding. Then it took another 10 years in court to protect the logo.

This time the Supreme Court heard oral arguments. The battle was finally won in January, when the court upheld their right to trademark the logo.

By then, Wolf was in the hospital at the start of her decline, never to ride again. After the parade, there will be a memorial to Wolf on the main stage in front of City Hall. Ridgely Jr. Thank you for your help. Foxes have in basic terms seemed as anthropomorphic animals within the Dragon international.

Donbe and his female friend Kitsuneko from Dr. Konkichi is the main popular personality of the species; Goku met this eco-friendly fox whereas on his option to the twenty second international Martial Arts Tournament Stone Fox and Top Secret CD read epub read epub. Siberian huskies, Alsatians and a number of other sled and herding canines specifically have an analogous construct, shade and measurement. Coyotes Canis latrans also are heavily relating to wolves, even supposing now not as heavily as pups, and will interbreed Doctor De Soto MacMillan Young Listeners download epub.

Wild or harmful animals comprise: toxic reptiles, video display lizards and teglis, nonpoisonous snakes with a size more than 6 toes, crocodillians, toxic spiders, scorpions, all species of non-human mammals except pup, cat, ferret, laboratory mouse and rat; hamster; guinea pig; gerbil; and chinchilla. The day that the now-infamous tweets came out, he went to work. The day the Supreme Court upheld the ban on transgender soldiers, he went to work. He recently re-enlisted to continue serving this country as long as he is permitted to do so.

Before Nic was permitted to transition, I worried that I might accidentally slip up and tell the wrong person. It took almost nine months for his gender marker packet to be accepted, and I worried. Would it be denied? What if someone hurt him? Then his marker changed, and he was allowed to use male facilities. I wanted to throw up every day he was gone. I worried that someone would notice his chest scars and start asking questions or put two and two together.

We are lucky to have a community behind us. Contact your representatives. Stay informed on the issues. Donate if you can. Respect pronouns and identities. And on Monday, Nic will do what he does best: put on his uniform, lace up his boots, and serve our country. After all, the Army comes first. In the years since, Nic has excelled at his craft. JUNE Blade publishes first multi-page edition. JULY Blade printed in newsprint for first time. She has passionately lived many professional lives that range from a successful realtor to ceramic artist to executive director of two non-profit arts organizations.

Kimberley personally believes that ArtChangesLives. Rea Carey is a proud D. Shortly after moving to D. In partnership with other activists, Carey co-founded D. She grounds her work solidly in racial, economic, gender, and social justice. As an advocate for equity and recognition for Filipino veterans of World War II, he played a key role in two of the most significant legislative victories on their behalf.

In , he organized a national legislative campaign that led to the creation of the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund. Ben is the son of Filipino immigrants and while he was born and raised in New Jersey, he is proud to be a resident of the LeDroit Park neighborhood of Ward 1. Martin, who is formerly from Arizona, has been living in Washington, D. Through organized competition in various sports, mental wellness in the form of yoga, running, and other community programming, Stonewall Sports has allowed a safe space for many people to be themselves.

In , Stonewall Sports introduced an initiative around education and training that started with the first Summit Day, which took place on the day before the annual Tournament weekend. It included over 1, players and friends from around the country and Canada. Summit Day included keynote speakers and breakout discussions focusing on current issues faced in our community, such as mental health, diversity, and inclusion.

Martin has continued to explore new program needs and support continued growth in existing cities with more cities to come, as Stonewall Sports regularly receives expansion interests across the country. He wants to launch global experiences and travel site that includes volunteer service in communities while enjoying different cultures. Hackett is an immigration attorney based in the Washington, D. She provides affordable legal advice and counsel on immigration matters for individuals. She helps people who are living in the shadows, some who may be afraid to come out, and those who are fighting for their lives.

Immigration is a long and arduous process under any Administration, and is particularly difficult for people to navigate without assistance now. Hackett is working diligently to specifically serve queer people and provide a safe space for them to tell their story. She is truly a hero in our community. No one should face death for the simple act of living in truth. Her work is priceless to those who seek it. In this current political climate her work is especially needed to protect some of the most vulnerable in our community. Amanda is an enthusiastic student of Bahas Indonesia.

She is a proud aunt and future dog owner. His second moniker—Ms. Tony is a highly sought-after emcee in DC and the rest of the country. As a lifelong community advocate, he has served on the board of Transgender Health Empowerment, and is the proud parent to 21 sons, and mentor for numerous others.

Dike the Wolf (Animal Pride Ser)

Many benefit from his love, counsel, and—because he was taught that no one should go hungry—his dining room table. It was the heyday of the gay community, but it was also the beginning of the AIDS crisis. He watched as thousands died, and figured if God let him make it through, he would dedicate his remaining years to helping others. When Alan arrived in the D. That led to his work with other organizations such as the Cherry Fund. Alan then began volunteering for the 17th Street Festival and Capital Pride. Alan also volunteers at nearly every event that Capital Pride produces.

When he returned to New York last year he recalled the city he had come to six months before Stonewall occurred in Having lived through the AIDS crisis, Alan was finally able to march down Fifth Avenue proudly remembering all those he knew and never knew who are no longer with us. When he arrived in New York City he was a scared young gay kid from late sixties. He has no reason to be scared any more.

He moved to Washington, DC in and since then has had a long career, including volunteer work, in social services. He retired from DC government as a licensed independent clinical social worker in Donald is a pillar of the community and a dedicated volunteer. He is one of the most reliable, competent, and trustworthy volunteers she has ever encountered. He is kind, generous, and an inspiration to younger generations of activists and volunteers.

Currently there are 40 member teams and leagues with an estimated 7, participants. The biggest being the annual Night OUT at the Nationals, which is not only one of the largest such events in pro sports, but is the longest consecutive Pride Night in Major League Baseball.

While all member clubs operate independently, Team DC supports its members by helping with fundraising, recruitment, advocacy and community engagement. Such partnerships help build bridges to best meet the broader needs of the community that any one single organization simply cannot do alone. The quarterly Sports Council meetings are great opportunities for teams to identify mutual needs and collaborate for success.

Team DC recognizes that our strong sports community helps to create a safe and welcoming place for everyone who wants to play a sport whether they are rookies, old pros, or just looking to have fun and meet people. Team DC is a c 3 charitable non-profit agency registered in Washington D. More about the organization can be found at www. The National Center for Transgender Equality NCTE was founded in by transgender activists who recognized the urgent need for policy change to advance transgender equality.

With a committed board of directors, a volunteer staff of one, and donated office space, NCTE set out to accomplish what no one had yet done: provide a powerful transgender advocacy presence in Washington, DC. Today, NCTE has more than 20 staff members who—alongside our nationwide community of transgender activists and allies—advocate to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. NCTE has an extensive record of winning life-saving change for transgender people, including more than federal policy wins under the Obama Administration.

In addition to advocating for and defending pro-trans policies at the federal level, NCTE has a number of programs that strengthen the transgender community. NCTE conducts the survey every five years, with the next one scheduled for The organization also actively works with state administrative agencies to change state ID and healthcare policies to be more trans-friendly. NCTE envisions a society in which transgender people not only survive, but thrive, with accepting families and communities, full self-determination over their identities and bodies, and freedom from disrespect, discrimination, and violence.

For this vision to become a reality, NCTE also strives to create equity, equal opportunity, safety, health, and economic well-being for all people over their entire lifetimes. We are united with the community— rallying together to correct misperceptions, erase false beliefs and to make prevention a priority for all those affected by HIV. This common goal is what unites us to never give up until the end of the HIV epidemic.

All rights reserved. Larry Villegas-Perez, a mixed race Native American-Hispanic born in Venezuela, is an activist and mental health practitioner with about 20 years in the public health field. He has provided training and technical assistance on community engagement, project management, sustainability, substance abuse, and transgender visibility topics to programs in at least 22 cities in the U.

He is an early pioneer on the importance of transgender visibility and representation in all levels of society, having spoken on the matter on the shows of Christina and El Padre Alberto in Miami. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with emphasis in psychiatric nursing and oncology, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling-Psychology, psychoanalysis training, life coaching, and he is also a certified Hypnotherapist. Though his volunteer work for the past 18 years he has acquired a skill set like very few cisgender community leaders when working and meeting the needs of the transgender community in the Washington DC area.

Through his work in the fraternity he has raised thousands of dollars, and organized volunteerism to engage freemasonry in helping communities like Casa Ruby. Xemi has been published in Cultural Survival, Efniks. Xemi is consistently making space for transgender, intersex, and gender nonconforming Native American and POC artists and advocates. The spaces she creates help heal, protect, uplift, and nurture the community, and help educate those outside of the community. Her passion and powerful voice, is inspiring to many people, young and old.

All of the programming she creates, curates, and manages centers the transgender community, especially the Native American and POC transgender communities. She ensures that all of her events have a diversity of transgender people featured, including transgender women, transgender men, non-binary people, intersex people, and more.

Producer, Entertainment Ryan Williams - Exec. Producer, Hospitality. Producer, Instagram Marquia Parnell - Exec. Producer, Operations Aaron Fishbach - Exec. Producer, Logistics Jennifer Hall - Exec. Producer, Logistics Bryan Davis - Exec. Clarence Flanders Exec. Since then, we have come a long way in our journey toward equality. It was founded as Gay Pride Day, a oneday block party and street festival, in In the P Street Festival Committee formed to take over planning. It changed its name to Gay and Lesbian Pride Day in Different organizations have been responsible for the planning of the celebration.

Whitman-Walker became the sole sponsor in , and continued through In Whitman-Walker Health past the torch to Capital Pride Alliance, a newly formed organization from past volunteers of the annual pride celebration. The annual Capital Pride Celebration has grown from 2, people its first year and grew to 10, people covering 3 blocks in By , it had expanded to a week-long event and by an estimated 28, attendees came to the street festival and parade.

Enjoy complimentary cocktails, tastings from our culinary partners, and following the Honors join the party at Countdown! Pride Celebration Kick-Off! Be sure to take a look outside the museum when you arrive, as the building will be bathed in rainbow lights — an awesome opportunity to take the perfect Pride pic with your friends. Enjoy the live DJ music, special performances, plus 2 hours of mic open to women-identified folks of all backgrounds to share their story through words or music. Audience can expect a diverse chorus of voices, and an array of professional spoken word performers, open mic rookies, and acoustic musical performances.

Kick-off the Capital Pride Celebration Weekend under the stars for a relaxing evening with volunteers, partners, donors, advocates, and supporters of Capital Pride Alliance. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera - sparked a revolution of activism that would lead to the rights we have today.

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the RIOT that started it all, we are able to celebrate, dance, and be true to ourselves because of the heroes who came before us and gave rise to our powerful community with a RIOT. While our work is not done, collectively through Pride we are able to create a powerful foundation that will help advance the cause of human dignity, equal rights, and a world free from discrimination and prejudice.

Sippi, Sylvana. Enjoy Pride Brunch at this lively annual gathering on Parade Day! With delicious gourmet brunch tasting stations and complimentary mimosas and vodka drinks, attendees will dine and hobnob with the Pride Parade Grand Marshals, Pride Honorees, and other surprise special guests. Photo: TMD Enterprises. Enjoy entertainment, food, and your favorite beverage before, during, and after the Pride Parade.

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More than organizations will traverse the 1. This family friendly event is FREE and open to the public. To progress in life sometimes we must be defiant and stand up for what we know is right. We must stand up when the powers that be order us to sit down. The Defiance Dance Party will have 4. Food available from the culinary experts at City Winery. It will be a night of music, food, dancing and performances. All youth 21 and under are welcome to attend this free event. Enjoy a full day of entertainment, music, food, drink, education, and celebration.

The Pride Festival includes three stages of national and local talent, and will host exhibitors including local community groups and businesses, food vendors, and organizations looking to promote their products and services to our community. Engage, learn, and celebrate with the many diverse organizations that reperesnt the spectrum of our community. C is proud to sponsor the Capital Pride Parade. Personalized and expert medical care since You can experience entertainment from three stages while sipping on a cocktail and other refreshing beverages, munching on food at two food courts, and networking with over organizations.

No one wants to think about HIV. But there are things everyone can do. Talk to a healthcare provider and find out about all of your prevention options. Join GMCW for a gorgeous, exciting, and powerful celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. Featuring Dystruxion and Pineapple Entertainment. Visit capitalpride. Doors open at pm, so come early to avoid the line! Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and included. EqualityForAlL Salesforce. Certified Platinum in the U.

Every once in a while, a woman comes along and flips everything upside down. When it comes to pop music, Zara Larsson is that woman. The year-old Swedish singer and songwriter quietly ascended to the forefront of modern pop with undeniable talent, uncompromising attitude, and unbelievable songcraft. As a result, she made history. As early as transgender singer Shea Diamond can remember, she identified as a girl -- and was punished for it. Behind bars, Diamond found her voice as a songwriter. After her release, she relocated to New York and entered the world of trans activism.

When songwriter-to-the-stars Justin Tranter saw a video of Diamond singing a cappella at a Trans Lives Matter event, he reached out. Multi-talented singer, rapper, actor, director, choreographer, and YouTube personality, Todrick Hall rose to prominence on American Idol. His popular YouTube channel, with over 2. In addition, he completed two successful tours of Straight Outta Oz, both of which were highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

Welcome to my world — a colorful, candy-coated wonderland where dreams come true. Oh yea, guess what? The single charted at No. The accompanying video is also a viral hit, with views exceeding 23 million. I have been performing in central Ohio and around the United States for the last 18 years, doing regional theatre and of course, drag.

I love all things Disney, cheese, and puppies- particularly my super-pooches, Edgar and Felicity. Columbus is a really giving community and it speaks to how close-knit and tight our LGBTQ community is. Emcees Jerry Houston Destiny B. But as Pride season kicks off, there are some bands you should be listening to while on your way to and from events. Take a look at these queer bands with soul, make sure you follow them on social media, and check out their upcoming shows. In November , four Black gender expansive musicians formed the group to uplift their stories and voices through music.

The group has grown into a world-based movement of artists, songwriters, composers, and activists generating comfortable spaces through their music. Pauline sings and plays the guitar, guitar synth, and percussion. Davi also sings, plays percussion, and the keyboard. With so much diversity and not just musical , they are a full line-up of talent. Gospel, polyrhythmic future funk, rock and roll, and the allubiquitous One with two-and-four clapping and toe-tapping. The CooLots are a D. They effortlessly move across a spectrum of genres including rock, alternative, indie, soul, and rhythm and blues, just to name a few.

To hear a truly remarkable combination of these musicians, you can check out their album release in May Genre-wise, Lightmare draws from a wide variety of influences from blues, to arena rock, punk, soul, classical and more. They make songs about love, death, and revolution in an ever-overlapping manner. They are smooth and sharp, warm and galvanizing, punchy, political, and personal.

They make music meant to shake your bones, squeeze your heart, and roll through your dreams. Lightmare is a six-person soulpunk arrangement out of Washington, D. DC, a non-profit organization. But after the showcase was done, they remained together, growing the group and going on to blend their rich backgrounds into an explosive sound. The Washington Blade is celebrating its 50th anniversary in BronyCon www. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking www.

Lambda Squares www. DC Office of Human Rights www.

EY www. Purple Pride www. Thompson Creek Windows www. Join a company that values diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Visit fanniemae. We are proud to serve the housing market with a diverse and inclusive workforce. As an industry leader in the area of diversity and inclusion, our mission is to harness the power of a diverse workforce to achieve optimal business results while serving the needs of an increasingly diverse housing market.

Learn about the Live Openly ERG — an employee-initiated, employee-led resource group — as well as our programs that promote diversity and inclusion at fanniemae. Fannie Mae is an equal opportunity employer. Proudly covering the best and brightest of Washington, D. Her work is driven by her personal journey of overcoming homelessness, mental health issues, and poverty, combined with her passion for sports.

Amazin is a former competitive bodybuilder, entertainment executive, and the first Vietnamese internationally published fitness author. In , Amazin became the global ambassador for Vietnam Relief Services, and in she was appointed the first Asian global ambassador for Athlete Ally. She is a board advisor for S. Amazin is no stranger to bullying and discrimination.

She was born in Vietnam and grew up in the west, where she was routinely bullied and teased throughout her childhood and teenage years. I was being bullied constantly at school and in society and had very low self-worth and hated being Asian. Sports gave me a sense of community as I was very athletic, and it gave me the strength and self-confidence I needed to feel good about myself and stand up to the bullies. What are the stereotypes against Asian people that inhibit opportunities to pursue sports, including lack of scholarship opportunities, misconceptions of wealth and culture?

Media plays a large role in the continuous reinforcement of damaging Asian stereotypes. Asian men are constantly de-sexualised and Asian women are overtly sexualized as a fetish in the media. This stereotype transcends to the sports world and how we are perceived as athletes. We need to address the unconscious bias towards Asian athletes that starts in the school system. Asian youth have the lowest participation in sports, and when they do participate, they are subject to more hate than any other ethnic group.

This unconscious bias and stereotype of Asians in sports is seen at all levels — from school yards to professional stadiums.

[Download] Dike the Wolf (Animal Pride Book 5) Paperback Collection - video dailymotion

In addition, Asian athletes face the stereotype that our physical stature inhibits our athletic ability. In reality, the poverty rates among Asian-Americans are greater than the national average. For example, in New York, there are more Asian-Americans living in poverty in the city than any other minority group. The invisible model minority myth highlights the successful Asian immigrant experiences but with very damaging effects and erases the experience of many in our community who are suffering through poverty. Why do you see sports as an important catalyst to make a difference in the fight for equality?

It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Professional athletes have a very unique platform like high profile celebrities particularly in the time we are in right now with the power of social media. Many have hundreds of thousands of followers if not millions and there is power in that to shift society by athletes speaking out in support of rainbow sports equality as fans listen to the opinions of their athletic heroes. When a professional athlete comes out this transcends beyond the athletic community as the sports world is a slice of life as it can shift society from tolerance to acceptance and transform the lives of those still struggling with their sexuality or gender identity and or expression by presenting a positive mirror image of authenticity.

This is why I constantly use sports as my platform as it brings you into my conversation around civil human rights and social issues. My drive for always being a VoiceWithAction to accelerate rainbow sports equality is from my own personal experience as an athlete and former competitive natural bodybuilder and how I was made to feel by being bullied and with racist, homophobic and sexist slurs in sports.

I used to be the only Asian athlete on the athletic field and that can be very isolating particularly Page Homophobic and transphobic behaviour is common in sports, especially in locker room talk. I never had any rainbow Asian role models to look up to when I was growing up and could not feel comfortable coming out at all.

So when I think about what keeps me motivated I think of me when I was a child and a teenager because if we are able to take off our mask and be visible and be our authentic self then you instantly present a mirror image to any rainbow youth in sports who is trying to figure out who they are and if they are feeling insecure about their sexuality, gender identity or expression and reminds anyone struggling that it does get better because they can finally see a reflection of themselves looking back at them through your story.

What message would you like to send to Asian Rainbow LGBTQ youth today who are still struggling with their sexuality and gender identity and being openly out in sports? I understand what it feels like to be marginalized and what many rainbow youths are going through because I have experienced it myself.

Success in life comes with your first goal in being yourself, it gives you freedom and liberation. Without a mirror image of myself in the media, I had to create my own narrative as a child and, as an adult, this helped me stand in my own truth to be brave and unapologetic as an openly out Asian woman.

I want my story to provide a positive message for any rainbow or API Asian Pacific Islander person or athlete who wants to be openly out in sports and life. To find out more about Amazin LeThi go to www. We want our employees to be free to be themselves at work each and every day. We believe success stems from a diverse group of employees who bring different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives to the table.

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It is who we are. Pride is synonymous with a celebration. We celebrate our unity, rights, visibility, love, struggles, and diversity. The city is home to a multitude of international organizations and entities, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank, and foreign embassies and missions, that work on a variety of issues ranging from diplomatic relations to human rights.