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As it did so, Thor drove over and was thrown by the Flipper, its front plate catching the edge and leaving it stranded upside-down. It shook itself free and self-righted, before pursuing and pushing the inverted M. Shunt axed Thor, albeit without causing significant damage, with the two competitors quickly escaping and Thor pushing M. Speed Squared into an entry gate once again. Thor struck the exposed top of M. Speed Squared numerous times as it steered and pushed its opponent into a nearby CPZ.

It almost drove itself into the open pit, but quickly backed away, as M. Speed Squared drove over the edge and toppled in itself while escaping.

Ohio Replaces Lethal Injection With Humane New Head-Ripping-Off Machine

With this, Thor emerged victorious, securing a knockout victory and three points on the leaderboard. Straight away, the two competitors drove towards and past each other, with Thor ramming Shockwave head-on after the latter stopped in the centre of the arena. It pushed Shockwave into Dead Metal, but the Team Shock machine quickly escaped; Thor responded by pushing Shockwave towards the pit release button, opening the pit as Shockwave accidentally reversed into Dead Metal.

Thor pushed Shockwave into an empty CPZ seconds later, steering it into the wall and axing it again. Thor simultaneously axed Shockwave and Matilda, before again pushing Shockwave into Dead Metal and an entry gate. Although the latter had already been eliminated through having two consecutive losses, Craig Danby still expressed confidence that Foxic could defeat Thor by cutting its axe off with its raised scoop — a claim which was quickly challenged by Jason Marston.

In the opening seconds, Thor slammed head-on into Foxic, before bumping and pushing it onto the Flame Pit. In turn, it was pushed into the pit release button by Foxic, with both competitors being simultaneously grabbed by Dead Metal. Thor escaped, with the two competitors constantly bumping and pushing each other before Thor slammed its axe down on Foxic's top panel.

High Pressure the Executioner: Hammer-Axe Six!

It eventually pushed Foxic over the edge of the Flame Pit, with Foxic becoming immobilised as its removable link lay on the floor and Dead Metal grabbed hold of it with his pincers. Thor fired its axe at Foxic a few more times as Dead Metal attacked the fallen Team Danby machine over the Flame Pit, securing a second knockout victory and three more points to bring its overall tally to eight.

With this, Thor finished first in the Head-to-Head league table, with a total of eight points, progressing to the Heat Final along with Shockwave, the robot which held Thor back from scoring a perfect nine points. Thor sat in the empty CPZ, firing its axe as Shockwave pushed it towards the pit. It shook itself with the axe in an attempt to avoid being pitted, but was steered towards and balanced over the edge. Thor threw itself off the floor, allowing Shockwave to get underneath and push it fully into the pit.

With this, Thor lost the Heat Final, although its loss resulted in it being eligible for a wildcard and the sixth place in the Grand Final. Shortlisted along with fellow Heat Finalists Behemoth , Dantomkia , Storm 2 and Gabriel , it was given the wildcard by the Judges, effectively progressing to the Grand Final alongside Shockwave. Jason Marston revealed to Angela Scanlon before the battle that he intended to fight Pulsar first.

Jason Marston maintained this strategy as Thor immediately drove towards the Team Ranglebots machine. Thor rammed into the back of TR2 before having both of its wedgelets ripped off by Pulsar — it missed an axe blow from Shunt, and proceeded to bump and steer TR2 towards an entry gate. Without its wedgelets, Thor was unable to get underneath TR2; as a result, it continued to dodge TR2 as the latter tried to flip it. As it did so, it was thrown over the top of Pulsar by TR2, and was attacked by Shunt while trying to self-right.

Thor self-righted, before driving past Shunt and axing Pulsar after it had been completely immobilised. It was flipped over once more by TR2 just as the klaxon sounded, but progressed to the Head-to-Head stage regardless along with the latter. The two competitors charged into each other immediately, with Thor being deflected towards and onto the Floor Flipper. It was thrown onto its back by the Flipper, but self-righted, only to sustain a side-on attack from Carbide as it lingered in the CPZ.

Undeterred, Thor lunged at Carbide again, but missed with its axe, and was almost thrown onto its side as Carbide tore a chunk out of its front wedge. Backing away from the Flame Pit, Thor attempted to dodge Carbide, only to sustain another hit and throw itself onto its back near the Flame Pit. It landed on top of Carbide as it self-righted, sustaining more damage to its wheels and armour before spinning round and being left immobilised. Upon examining his heavily-damaged machine in The Pits, Jason Marston expressed doubts about its capacity to continue in the Head-to-Heads.

However, with assistance from other roboteers, Thor was repaired in time for its next battle, against TR2. Thor self-righted and backed away from Matilda, before being lifted off the floor by a side-on slam from TR2. Thor attempted to axe TR2 as the latter briefly threw itself onto its rear, but missed, and was flipped over twice more, its axe going through the gap between the wall and the nearby entry gate as it self-righted the second time.

Seconds later, Thor was scooped up, pushed and thrown into Dead Metal by TR2, self-righting over the Flame Pit, only to be pushed and thrown across the arena a few more times before driving into Matilda. Thor self-righted and hit one of the arena spikes as it drove away, only to be pushed and flipped against the wall by TR2 a few moments later.

Thor shook itself using the axe, spinning around in circles before being flipped a few more times by TR2 and Matilda. Left by the Floor Flipper, Thor attempted to self-right, but threw itself completely upside-down. The cold temperatures of the arena caused its axe mechanism to seize, resulting in CO 2 leaking as the weapon initially failed to retract. Thor threw itself back upright seconds later, only to be bumped, pushed and flipped into Matilda as it failed to move again.

Matilda threw Thor out of the arena, instantly eliminating it. Once again, Thor was left with no points and even more damage. Although Thor had already been eliminated beforehand, a potential victory would enable it to deny Apollo a place in the Grand Final; the latter having scored fewer points than TR2 by this stage.

The two competitors drove into and away from each other in the opening moments, with Thor driving itself onto the Floor Flipper while avoiding Apollo. This threw it across the arena and onto its back; Thor struggled to self-right, allowing Apollo to push it back onto its wheels and throw it back towards the Flipper. Landing upside-down, Thor was counted out, having lost the use of its axe as a result of losing the rear end. It used its new single-headed axe blade, and the steeper of its two wedges.

Immediately, Thor charged towards Tauron, chasing it through a CPZ before attempting to push it round from the side. Thor fired its axe several times as Shunt approached, before suddenly kicking back into life and pushing the immobile Tauron aside. It proceeded to attack Chimera2, axing it a few times while pushing it into an empty CPZ, before briefly bumping into Concussion as the latter attacked Chimera2. After some time staying out of the action, Thor pushed both robots around inside the CPZ before forcefully separating them, with Chimera2 being left immobilised as a result.

Thor slammed into Concussion, sustaining two hits from the latter's drum, but seemingly taking out half of Concussion's drive. Thor nudged Tauron again and hit the lip of the pit just as 'cease' was called. Both Thor and Concussion progressed to the Head-to-Head stage regardless. Jason Marston explained afterwards that Thor's brief immobilisation was caused by cold temperatures affecting its batteries, and a loosened wire which was replaced in the pits.

He also discovered that the force of Thor's axe was causing it to bend upon contact with the rear bump stop, leading to concerns about the axe sustaining fatigue and potentially breaking off. To prevent this, Jason Marston inverted his axe arm before Thor's first head-to-head battle of the series, against Concussion. It hesitated to attack any further until Concussion left the CPZ, with both robots bumping and driving around each other a few times. CO 2 vented from Thor as Concussion hit its side twice in rapid succession, before Thor drove away and launched Concussion over its front wedge as the two robots met again.

Thor drove into Concussion's drum several more times, and was buffeted away as Concussion was left unable to drive off the slightly lowered pit panel. Both robots became stuck on the pit as Thor charged in again, with Concussion briefly lifting Thor off the panel with its drum and shearing a small belt from underneath it. Eventually, Thor reversed away after firing its axe a few times, leaving Concussion stranded on the panel as it tried to activate the pit.

However, Rogue House Robot was triggered again, with Thor axing Matilda as she rammed into — and got herself pinned on top of — Concussion. As it did so, Dead Metal came in to free Thor, allowing it to circle around the pit and back up for another charge on Concussion. As it drove towards Concussion, Thor was flipped over as Concussion's drum hit its left-hand wheel-guard. With its axe out of CO 2 and leaving Thor unable to self-right, it lost the battle to Concussion and scored no points for this knock-out loss.

Afterwards, Jason Marston expressed his frustration at having misjudged Thor's final charge, and later discovered that one of its wheels had also seized up. This required more repairs prior to its next battle against M. Speed Squared , a rematch of their Head-to-Head from Series 8. In the battle, Thor started by driving around, axing and pushing M. Speed Squared into the wall, the latter unable to get its spinning weapon up to speed due to damage sustained in previous battles.

It dragged M. Speed Squared back as the latter got stranded on its wedge, before axing it again, freeing both robots and leaving M. Speed Squared immobile near the arena spikes. Thor hit M. Speed Squared a few more times before pushing it into Sir Killalot , and drove away before 'cease' was called. Thor scored its first three points through this knock-out victory, putting it joint-second on the leaderboard along with its next — and last — opponent, Heavy Metal.

For this battle, Thor equipped its double-headed axe and flatter front wedge, and started by charging into Heavy Metal head-on, almost flipping it over. It pushed and axed Heavy Metal into and around a CPZ, the rubber treads for Heavy Metal's wheels coming off and scattering all over the arena floor as it did so. Thor skirted past the Flame Pit as it made another run at Heavy Metal, eventually slamming into it again.

It was briefly pushed sideways by Heavy Metal, before driving away and nudging Heavy Metal as the latter lost traction and drive to one side. Thor capitalised on this by axing and pushing Heavy Metal into the wall, before catching the pit panel as it attempted to shove it across the arena. It recovered to push Heavy Metal over the arena spikes, where Heavy Metal was flipped over and was immobilised by contact with Matilda's flywheel. As Heavy Metal sat immobile, Thor pushed it into Matilda, before knocking its right-hand wheel off and pushing it into the arena tyre. Dead Metal came out to attack Thor, but Thor escaped to spin in victory as 'cease' was called, with Matilda later sending Heavy Metal's wheel flying across the arena with her flywheel.

With three more points scored as a result, Thor finished the Head-to-Head round with six points, putting it second on the leaderboard along with Concussion.

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As the two highest-scoring robots in the Head-to-Head stage, Thor and Concussion faced each other for a third time in the Heat Final, with Thor reverting to the larger axe head and wedge used for their previous encounter. Thor began by slamming into Concussion, before driving away and being lifted up by Concussion's drum as the two robots clashed again.

Guide to playing as a warrior

It struggled to get underneath Concussion as the two robots drove around and hit each other a few more times, before almost being flung onto its back after another blow from Concussion. Thor continued driving away from Concussion before slamming head-on into it again, before eventually withstanding a few more blows and dodging Concussion in an attempt to lure it into Dead Metal. As before, CO 2 vented copiously from Thor's axe mechanism as it deflected more blows from Concussion and steered it into the Arena Tyre. This activated the pit, with Thor sustaining damage a few seconds later as Concussion hit its side.

After spending more time dodging and deflecting Concussion, Thor was flipped over by Concussion, but self-righted immediately in spite of its gas leak. Thor slammed into Concussion a few more times, the repeated attacks buckling its front wedge as it made contact with Concussion's drum. The two robots attempted to push each other along the floor, with Thor missing an axe blow on Concussion's tyres as they spun round together and separated.

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Thor's axe got stuck in the half-way position in the process, and Thor itself momentarily stopped moving as Concussion attempted to nudge it. However, Thor regained mobility seconds later, and survived to a Judges' decision as it pushed Concussion over the Flame Pit. While the battle was closely-fought, Thor ultimately lost the decision - and the Heat Final - to Concussion. Its status as a Heat Finalist meant that it remained in contention for a wildcard place in the Grand Final, alongside Sabretooth, Cherub, Pulsar and Apollo, but this was ultimately awarded to the reigning champion Apollo, fully eliminating Thor from Series 9.

Thor returned in Heat 5 of Series 10 , now sporting a revised front wedge. Thor immediately pursued Coyote as the latter pushed and knocked Expulsion off-balance. It dodged Dead Metal in the process, before chasing Coyote and almost getting stuck on the pit. Again, Thor rammed Coyote, eventually chasing and pushing it onto the Flame Pit, where Expulsion and its minibot Detention sat immobile. It axed Coyote twice more, before chasing and pushing it across the arena again.

Thor landed one more axe blow, but was momentarily pinned against the wall and dragged around by Coyote. It used its axe to shake itself free, before driving through an empty CPZ and continuing to ram, chase and axe Coyote. Thor lured a speeding Coyote across the arena, the two robots slamming head-on into each other once again. Again, Thor scooped Coyote up and pushed it onto the Flame Pit, knocking Expulsion onto its side and getting pushed into the Arena Tyre by Coyote in return. The Heat Semi-Finals saw Thor and Coyote fight each other for the second time, with Jason Marston confident about his chances of repeating its Group Battle performance.

In the opening moments, the two competitors drove towards and dodged each other numerous times, before Thor slammed into Coyote, axed its scoop and pushed it over the spark jets and pit. After momentarily driving up the wall itself, Thor retreated to the centre of the arena, only to slam into Coyote again and inflict several more axe blows on its opponent. In doing so, it manoeuvred Coyote towards Dead Metal, only to get caught in her pincers and allow Coyote to press the Arena Tyre.

With CO 2 leaking and its axe disabled, Thor drove into Coyote a few more times, manoeuvring it into the CPZs and knocking parts of its pipework off. At the start, Thor drove towards and pursued Magnetar, but hesitated as the latter drove through an empty CPZ. It was soon thrown over by a powerful charge from Magnetar, but self-righted quickly, only for Magnetar to slip underneath, launch Thor into the air again and carry it forwards. Magnetar pushed Thor away in response; seconds later, Thor drove itself over the Floor Flipper, which threw it over close to the Flame Pit.

Thor drove away, but was thrown into a somersault as Magnetar clipped its front wedge. The impact sent Thor rolling onto its back and ruptured its pneumatics system, the robot engulfed in leaking CO 2 and left unable to self-right. Thor had lost the Heat Final, although its defeat resulted in it later qualifying for the 10 Robot Rumble , for a chance to be reinstated as the sixth Grand Finalist. There, it faced the flippers Apollo, Eruption and Iron-Awe 6 , fellow axe Terrorhurtz , drum spinners Sabretooth and Concussion , newcomer Track-tion , and veteran Big Nipper , also fighting Expulsion for the second time in the series.

After losing to Concussion twice in Series 9, Jason Marston was keen to achieve vengeance over the drum spinner, and placed a large Concussion sticker on his robot as a sign of which robot it planned to target. Thor background attacks Sir Killalot in the opening seconds of the 10 Robot Rumble. In the opening seconds, Thor immediately drove into Iron-Awe 6 and axed Sir Killalot; it backed away, but seemingly unable to retract its axe as it pushed Big Nipper and Expulsion aside. Thor sustained a side-on hit from Sabretooth which sent it skidding into an empty CPZ, and backed into the Arena Tyre, activating the pit and nearly causing Concussion to pit itself.

Still unable to get its axe working, it weaved its way around the arena as most of its opponents attacked each other, before pushing Track-tion into the pit with assistance from Terrorhurtz. Thor dodged Sabretooth, driving behind Sir Killalot and into Iron-Awe 6 as the latter was thrown across the arena by Apollo.

It rammed Iron-Awe 6 head-on close to the pit, before being pushed from the side by Concussion in return and pushing Terrorhurtz into a CPZ. Driving away from the CPZ and around the pit, Thor met, was pursued by and thrown into the wall by Apollo, but landed on its wheels and escaped. It narrowly avoided driving into the pit itself as it collided head-on with Concussion, before pushing the orange drum spinner around and driving into Eruption. Thor avoided a flip as Eruption threw itself over and was attacked by Big Nipper, before driving into Shunt and getting scooped up by Iron-Awe 6.

After breaking free, it bumped into Terrorhurtz and pushed Concussion over the edge of the pit, causing the latter to slide in and avenging its Series 9 losses. Thor drove away to meet Sir Killalot on the other side on the arena, before reversing and momentarily getting underneath Apollo. It proceeded to push Big Nipper into Sir Killalot, before being pursued by the former as it bumped into Sabretooth, Eruption and the inverted Terrorhurtz. Thor pushed Terrorhurtz around, whose axe lifted it off the floor as it self-righted.

With this, Thor lost the 10 Robot Rumble, and was eliminated from the main competition of Series 10 entirely. As Concussion and Terror Turtle started first, Thor remained out of the action in the opening moments, only joining in after Concussion flipped Terror Turtle over and tagged it. With Cathadh also leaving its corner, Thor drove towards and into the Team Toad-controlled machine, getting underneath, axing and deflecting Cathadh away while withstanding blows from its spinner.

At this point, Concussion left its corner and flipped Cathadh over with a violent slam, leaving it inverted and with limited mobility. With the Rest of the World team seemingly defeated, Thor bumped and pushed the immobile Terror Turtle onto the Flame Pit, before proceeding to turn round and briefly push Shunt aside. It self-righted mid-shove, before manoeuvring around the arena until the klaxon sounded. With the battle essentially becoming a rematch of their Series 8 Group Battle, Jason Marston remained cautiously optimistic about Thor's chances of victory when interviewed by Angela Scanlon.

Thor simultaneously axed and pushed Tough as Nails into an empty CPZ, throwing the piece of burning fur off its axe in the process. The two competitors met once again in the centre of the arena, with Thor pushing and axing Tough as Nails back once again as the latter tried to grasp it with its pincers. It dodged a lunge from Tough as Nails as the two robots veered into an empty CPZ, only to be grabbed by the latter as they met in the centre of the arena again.

Again, it lured the Dutch entry across the arena, before pushing it into and alongside an entry gate while axing it twice more. The decision ruled in favour of Thor and Team UK, scoring two points which allowed Team UK to take the lead over Team Rest of the World, contributed towards their overall victory in the second episode of the World Series.

Tek to form Team Bud , who competed in various robot combat events across the country. Their robots included an extensively modified version of Thor and Swan's Envy , a front-hinged flipper with a design largely resembling that of Firestorm. Team Bud disbanded in , with Marston continuing to own, rebuild and enter Thor into later events under his own team.

Thor made its live events debut in in its Series 7 guise; it reached the Semi-Finals of the Enginuity Robot Crusade event at Ironbridge, but lost in the qualifier stages at the UK Winter Tour. Thor returned to the UK Championships with a new black colour scheme, but lost to Dantomkia ; it also competed in that year's Winter Tour, only to lose to Terrorhurtz in the first round. There, Thor had a smashing contest with Terrorhurtz, which it lost due to losing drive on one side. Thor also reached the finals of the UK Championships, despite losing its first battle to Merlin after damaging its own weapon following a rebuild and being left unable to self-right.

In September that year, it also appeared alongside Ripper in the BBC One game show Epic Win , which challenged them to break two of four items in a caravan and then break out of it. The two robots started well, destroyed all four items, but after Thor got its axe stuck in the cupboard, the team were forced to give up. Thor remains a consistent and recurring competitor on the live events circuit, having undergone numerous rebuilds and competed in various events held by Robots Live!

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  • At the first Extreme Robots event in Manchester - held by the latter - Thor had an opportunity to repeatedly batter the immobile Donald Thump with its axe, but was later defeated by Eruption , and had to leave the event early due to damage sustained. In September at Extreme Robots Colchester, Thor sported a new body shape, with its wheels moved further to the centre of the robot as with the Series 8 version.

    However, it had an unsuccessful event, losing various battles to Eruption, also losing to TR3, Cyclone , and a tag team match to ThunderChild and Weird mAlice while partnered with Behemoth. During one of the former battles with Eruption, Thor's axe experienced the metal fatigue that Jason Marston alluded towards in Series 9, and snapped in half during battle. In Gloucester, it immobilised TR3 to win a battle which also contained Beast.

    Partnered with Gabriel in the latter, it immobilised Iron-Awe 6 with its axe to win a split judges' decision and progress to the final, despite getting thrown out of the arena by Iron-Awe 7. In January , Thor competed at an event hosted by Mechatrons in Dublin. In its first battle, it defeated Dozer, but then became immobile in a battle with Iron-Awe 6. Thor later defeated ThunderChild , but then lost to Iron-Awe 7 on a Judges' decision after its axe became bent. It fought Iron-Awe 6 with no axe head and lost, before also losing to Iron-Awe 5, having fought with a novelty axe head.

    In the second day of competition, Thor used a new axe head which proved more durable, but Thor still lost its competition battles to Iron-Awe 6 and Iron-Awe 5, respectively. Thor also competed at the Extreme Robots event held in Colchester September , and Maidstone October , where in the latter it smashed open the polycarbonate of Ill-Tempered Mutt.

    Thor also continues to appear at Robots Live! Throughout the events' run, it fought in several friendly and competitive fights, with a good amount of success. Thor took part in its first event in Barnsley in February , where it reached the final of the competition, which it lost to Maelstrom after getting its hammer stuck in the arena wall. Thor found great success at the Robot Wars World Championships in It qualified through Round 1 alongside Tiberius , after Tanto was thrown out of the arena by Iron-Awe 5 , which lost the Judges' decision due to damage inflicted by Thor and Tiberius.

    Thor then won its second-round qualifier when TR2 could not self-right from a flip, while Thor won its second Judges' decision by hammering Eruption. In the quarter-finals, Thor immobilised Nuts with repeated blows before pitting it; it won its Semi-Final through a third Judges' decision, after a close fight with Gabriel.

    Thor eventually finished runner-up in the World Championships, after it was thrown out of the arena by Toxic 2 in the Grand Final. Following the damage caused by Carbide, the Series 8 version of Thor was scrapped, and a new version was built for Series 9 and live events held around that series' filming dates. This version made its Live Event debut at the Colchester event, but its performance there was affected by reliability problems caused by a lack of testing.

    These issues would be fixed in time for a very successful run at Maidstone , the last Robot Wars Live Event to be held before the events' rebranding to Extreme Robots. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For other uses of the name Thor, see Thor disambiguation. Relentless, savage, and powerful.

    Contents [ show ]. A demonstration of this power saw Thor smash up a caravan, and it can easily tow a one-tonne car,meaning it has the capacity and width to push two robots around at once. This led to a much more compact robot with a flatter front so that it could get underneath opponents. It also has the option of using interchangeable armour panels. Angela Scanlon : " Your axe looks bigger! It also has entanglement ability using steel rope or barbed wire.

    It remains one of the fastest robots in the competition. Major Tom and Armordrillo. Thor's pointed hammer head went all the way through Armordrillo and it caught fire " — Jason Marston in [1]. A team of Formula One and Liverpool football fans… well, their road to Wembley, as it were, is about to end here!

    Last on the grid! To me, that hammer… is getting weaker, and weaker — or is it? Mat Irvine : " Thor is very impressive, there's a very big hammer there. I would say possibly they could slightly hone their driving skills, as a lot of their hammer blows hit the floor and not the opponent, but when they do hit the opponent, it certainly shakes!

    Craig Charles : " Are you feeling confident? The hammer is not working! Listen, you can see - or hear, I should say — the rush of escaping gas… out of the Thor bottle. The victors: the hammer, of the mighty Thor! Jayne Middlemiss : " So, how far are you going to go this year? We lost drive, but we caught a robot with the hammer, caused damage so we got through luckily. It would be… it would be special, actually. Angela Scanlon : " Jason, you are flying solo with this little beaut? Thor has destroyed washing machines, microwaves, loads of household appliances — now destroying M.

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