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Browse Books Search. The Thing in the Moonlight. Lovecraft and the effect it has had on popular culture; how it has shaped my worldview and that of others, and if there is any reason to believe those who enthusiastically declare the Old Ones are alive and well. I would like to begin with an assumption that you, reader, already know something about H. Lovecraft, or that you are adept enough to find his biographies on your own. Innumerable accounts of his life exist in print and online.

Many of the books I will mention are available to order through wellerbookworks. I write as a fan of Lovecraft, but also as a bookseller, and my first duty is, unsurprisingly, to sell books. If you find your shelves lacking in Lovecraft or in his biographies by S.

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Joshi, you know where to order — or give us a call at to place an order by phone. Where you shop matters, and independent bookstores like ours depend on your patronage. Every so often, I might reference a book that is hard to find or out of print. For these, I apologize, but I will make every effort to clearly label them over the course of my blog.

In The Pale Moonlight - Behind The Scenes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Starfleet vs Reality

And with that out of the way. Lovecraft had a peculiar approach to writing. The message in his dream writing is clear: everyone and everything will die, and the universe we inhabit remains indifferent. We know from his personal writing that Lovecraft dreamed in vivid detail. He kept dream journals, and often shared the details of his dreams to friends he corresponded with. Some of these became fragments published by Arkham house after his death. The opening lines to "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" speak to his deeply held belief in the symbolism of dreams:.

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Lovecraft knew this world intimately. He pitched the idea the following morning, and it was accepted by the writing team. The screenplay was entirely re-written.

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The writing team discussed having the Dominion take one of the well known planets of the Federation. Vulcan was considered, but it was felt to be too important and so Betazed was chosen instead. Director Victor Lobl also planned out the mannerisms shown by Brooks as Sisko where he talks directly to the camera. He praised the actor, saying that he delivered exactly what Lobl's written direction had described. Lobl had those filmed very tightly, and so there were not many options available in editing as only two angles were filmed for those sequences.

The script had called for Sisko to get more and more drunk during those sequences as he descends into the flashbacks; Lobl had expected the studio to pull that idea before filming but they did not. Lobl also had Sisko begin to remove various parts of his uniform at the same time, which he felt demonstrated that the character was baring his soul about the story. Joining them was McHattie, portraying Ambassador Vreenak. Executive producer Rick Berman said that when creating Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , he had to obey the rules as set out by franchise creator Gene Roddenberry , and compared the normal Starfleet officers to that of Boy Scouts.

Berman suggested that "In the Pale Moonlight" was the exception. He said "we're not really willing to take the consequences of our actions, and sometimes we have to do very dirty things, and we have to hurt people, and we pretend that that doesn't exist, that Americans would never do that. We dealt with issues like that and I don't think It received Nielsen ratings of 4.

Episode Preview: In the Pale Moonlight

A survey conducted by Sci Fi Magazine at the end of the series placed the episode as the fan's favourite, while members of the Official Star Trek Fan Club have ranked it among the top ten. Does the end always justify the means? Everyone will take something different from this episode and ultimately there may not be a right answer. You don't get that on Downton Abbey.

Most critics also responded positively to the episode. The review of the VHS release in Dreamwatch magazine describe the episode as "probably the strongest of the season" and among the best episodes of Deep Space Nine. It called the plot "original", "daring" and "unexpected". Robinson in his book, Science Fiction of the 20th Century , describes "In the Pale Moonlight" as "Captain Sisko is forced to betray his ideals to save the lives of millions on a galactic scale at the cost of one petty criminal and one ambassador of an unfriendly nation.

On the surface, no contest but Brooks Sisko played the role with depth and feeling unusual in a science-fiction series. He called the fall of Betazed a "masterstroke" because it made the viewer invested in the conflict. He praised the suffering Sisko had for doing what he did, and said that both Brooks and Robinson were "at their best" with two "bravura performances". Zack Handlen, in his review for The A.

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Club , suggested that the most shocking aspect of "In the Pale Moonlight" was that Sisko's actions were not shocking but only provided a twist. He said that the script "never overplays Sisko's deepening sense of crisis", and avoided presenting any choices as right or wrong. He said "As Sisko gives up his principles slowly, one by one, in order to make his plan work, you expect Trek's simple moral verities to prevail. It is dumbfounding, and chilling, when they don't. They suggested that similar ideas were used on a number of police procedurals , and were the standard on Mission: Impossible.

In , Space. In June , it was rated the fifth best episode of almost Star Trek episode produced up to that time, by ScreenRant. In , Screen Rant ranked a character introduced in this episode, Vreenak , as the 3rd most important Romulan of the Star Trek franchise. The other episode featured on the tape was "His Way". This was released on July 24, Try us out on any web browser — desktop, mobile, or tablet. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too.

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