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When I went to art school, we were taught that craftmanship was the most important part of what you do as an artist and I think I have carried it over into the way I work in the band. When we are putting together all of the musical parts, I want to make sure that every little detail is scrutinised. It just has to be right. During a Facebook chat with fans on December 23, , Rob Bourdon said "Somewhere I Belong" was one of his favorite songs to play live: "One of my favorite songs to play is Somewhere I belong. On the booklet, Mike wrote: "There were usually three incarnations of our early demos: 1 mostly done in the computer with drum programming, keyboard, bass, and some live guitar 2 adding real drums and vocals 3 adding more live instrumentation, structure and arrangement work.

This version was in stage two. Check out the original guitar in the bridge. Brad Delson talked about the music video on an update posted on linkinpark. The song is really about escape and trying to find a place where you belong- but in this case Chester basically falls into a dream, which is the place where he is most comfortable, and Joe is trying to bring to life Chesters subconscious, which is where the majority of the video takes place. August 03, It was one of the first Meteora songs to debut in a live setting. The song was often performed early in the set throughout It slowly moved up positions in the setlists until , where it retained a more mid-set position.

On the Meteora International Tour in the second half of , "Somewhere I Belong" gained a new extended intro, featuring a guitar and drum build up into the song. The song kept this extended intro for the rest of In , the studio version of the song was performed at both shows held that year, both times very early in the setlist.

The studio version of the song was carried over to , where the song was performed at all four shows at the band's appearances in Japan on the Summer Sonic tour. The song remained early in the setlist, with a longer version of the extended intro from being performed before it.

The extended intro for the song began to evolve starting during these performances, with it eventually changing and morphing as time went on. A particularly special rendition of the intro was performed at the Bamboozle Festival in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where Brad and Mike both improvised rather than following what they would normally play to an extent. The song was present in all three setlists when the band introduced rotating sets on Projekt Revolution. The intro continued to evolve, becoming more solid as time went on.

Brad began playing the heavy part of the intro differently this carried on throughout the rest of the Minutes To Midnight tour , as well as playing the first part of the intro differently as time progressed. For the rest of the Minutes To Midnight touring cycle, spanning both and , the song continued to retain its early set position.

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An exception to this is Set Y in the second half of , where "Somewhere I Belong" was in the middle of the set. The extended intro continued to evolve and change until mid, when the studio version of "Somewhere I Belong" returned. It is important to note that each studio performance of "Somewhere I Belong" had very slight variation from the true album version, with the intro synths being a few seconds shorter or longer.

A minute difference, but a difference nonetheless. It was on a proposed setlist for the second night in London, England in November likely as an idea to make the first LPU Summit more special , but the song was ultimately scrapped, and " No More Sorrow " was performed instead. The song returned in for the Living Things touring cycle.

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The song didn't experience much movement in the sets, as the band didn't change them up too much as time went on. The song remained comfortably in the mid-set, typically at the sixth position in all three setlists. There is only one instance where the song was dropped at a regular show on the entire tour: the band's performance in Osaka, Japan on the Summer Sonic Tour, where it was not even listed on the setlist.

The song was replaced by "A Place For My Head" in the version of Set B, and did not return to the setlists at any point for the rest of the tour. From Linkinpedia. Linkin Park singles chronology H! Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Linkin Park Songs Tours.

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Lists All Lists. This page was last edited on 13 March , at Privacy policy About Linkinpedia Disclaimers. February 23, October 27, Vltg3 Faint Step Up Live. My December Live. Meteora - Instrumentals. March 03, August 02, August 03, And I let it all out If we split this line, he is expressing self harm as "letting it all out" i. This shows that he is convincing himself he is alone and different. But all that they can see his scars, or tattoos the words revealed this is a symbol of his struggle, which is in his songs.

Perhaps there is also a reference to the subtlety of his tattoos. Is the only real thing that I've got left to feel. Nothing else is "real" as he cannot feel it, from the numbness, and he has nothing good in his life. Self harm is all he can do. Just stuck, hollow and alone nothing he can do, perhaps "stuck" as in not shure of what to do. Hollow obviously means empty and lacking of any feeling. And the fault is my own, and the fault is my own. This is him telling himself that it is his fault he is like this, to feel some emotion and as a pre-self harm insult.

The repetition of this could also emphasize it as an insult to help himself get angry enough to self harm. The position of the chorus straight after this, with a sound representing hightening emotion, anger, and going into a similar riff to the start. The chorus is also probably moving back into the present. I wanna heal - he wants to get rid of emotions such as fear, numbness, sadness etc, by means of self harm probably. I wanna feel - Obviously about self-harm to feel "alive" What I thought was never real - he has been so alone all his life, that he never knew happiness.

The high of self-harm is the best thing he has ever felt. I wanna let go of the pain I've felt so long - pretty self-explanatory, but there might be something in the "so long", showing that his whole life has been like this, and he needs to suddenly "release" his emotion, self-harm. Erase all the pain till it's gone - it is probably significant that Shinoda says this line, but not sure how sorry!

It is about "crossing out" the pain that he feels, perhaps by using another material, such as a rubber a knife yes, I'm getting somewhere with this metaphor! Although this is the ideal, it never works this way as the self-harm will come back to haunt him. This could even be a suggestion of childhood naivity, thinking that he can "erase" the pain. The repetition of the first two lines simply emphasises them, and perhaps shows that self-harm has many connotations, not just that of the first part of the chorus but the following: Like I'm close to something real - part of the "numbness" can sometimes be the feeling that you do not exist.

And you need to feel that you do, and pain allows you to do this. This being the first change in the chorus could emphasize that this "Being something real is what I thought was never real" Please forgive me if I am getting too far-fetched! Here are Chester's lines explained in my opinion I was confused still going back into a reflection on the past even in the seemingly present 2nd verse So what am I? Nothing to lose- This again leads to the SH intensity, as he is stating again that self-harming, and perhaps even suicide, cannot hurt him since he is already at the bottom.

It surely cannot get any worse? Here are Shinodas lines explained in my opinion And I've got nothing to say still unconfident, probably more than before I can't believe I didn't fall right down on my face - he was expecting his band to be a total failure and for him to have a reason to self harm. Looking everywhere looking around to find people with the same problem only to find that it's not the way I had imagined it all in my mind - He is now addicted to self-harm and things have got worse than they were to start with.

What do I have, but negativity - he is saying that he is unlikable.

"Somewhere I Belong" - Linkin Park

He doesn't know how he has to act to make people like him, but he also can't "justify" the way they are, and looks down on them to a certain extent. Back into the climactic point of emotion, and an expression representing self-harm. This is basically showing all the emotion which was before he started, but it continues, showing how his addiction has created new intense emotion. The high pitched sound after each line could suggest that every line is practically a trigger for self harm, with an initial high, and a sliding down. It represents high feelings of emotion followed by a slide down into the abyss.

He could even be describing addiction periods, with gaps in between, then falling into a near suicidal self hatred. Whatever the meaning, it isn't pleasant. Chesters lines: I will never know - the caesura here could make this a single line, never knowing what could have happened? And I will never be - This probably reflects "never feel" as existing and feeling often go together, but this is more serious, as the pitch heightens, also suggesting he is talking about being "somebody else" as he is about to explain.

Anything till I break away from me - he needs to separate from himself, thereby becoming his worst enemy see papercut, part of me, figure. I will break away from me - escape from this world, and him self. The lowering pitch on "from me" also suggests a darkening fall, into schizophrenia etc through his attempts to become someone else.

I'll find myself today - this is not the first time he has used "me" and "myself" to suggest separate things. He is talking about pretending to be somebody else, and hurting yourself as part of that. The drum then emphasizes the furthering of intense emotion. The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the repetition of self-harm, and then the loss of meaning of the self-harm.

After a while, he is self-harming because he is addicted, and there are less lines, indicating both a loss in meaning, and a quickening pace because the self-harm is becoming more frequent. The instruments eventually take over and the meaning is gone, and desperation kicks in. The drum beat throughout is representing the "hardness" of life and self-harm, and at certain points the drum clusters, and drum beats get more frequent, during the chorus and especially towards the end. This represents the heightening of self-harm and the negative effects of it.

The clashes of the symbols at the end show a new kind of emotion appearing and a sensation almost like falling into "hell" or the abyss. The drum beat could be described as a metaphor in itself for the growing addiction to self harm. Well, that's my interpretation. I had fun writing it I hope you read it.

I accept that it may not completely be what Chester intended, but that's how I interpreted it. The emotion of the song can be given across, even without a complex understanding of the subtle lyrics, thanks the instruments and sounds which make it up. This is a mostly lyrical account, although I will probably be kicking myself for forgetting to add something. Actually quite a lot of what is here I thought up while I was writing this account, and quite a lot may well be far-fetched to some viewers.

Chester speaks of 'letting go of the pain I've held so long', implying the stress that someone else is putting them through. It's powerful, but typical Linkin Park. The video for this depicts a surreal landscape where long-legged monsters walk and jets of flame spout everywhere. The drum and bass set a fast pace for Chester's vocals, and the drums and DJ-ing set up an entirely different scenario for Mike.

Included in

Mike's lyrics differ slightly from Chester's in that Mike appears as a confused soul who is a bit volatile. In the first verse he raps about 'letting it out', only to find a vacancy where all his beliefs were. The second verse is about how stupid he feels that he constantly breaks out and that he 'can't believe I didn't fall right down on my face.

Overall, a powerful addition to the growing repertoire of Linkin Park songs. Whenever I had felt depressed, lonely, neglected, sad, hopeless, guilty, I used to lie over my bed and then I started playing Chester's song and within the touch of his voice, I used to feel hopeful and happy.

His songs had not only showed me how to break habits, how to resist myself from drug abuse or drinking alcohol, But His songs showed me the way of light.

Missing lyrics by Linkin Park?

How to overcome, How to achieve anything, How to feel happy. I could not make friends at my school or coachings. Every one used to make fun of me. Within these 10 years I had lost many of my beloved people. Not to mention, My favorite TV celebrities. But Chester's voice and his tremendous meaningful lyrics used to act like magical remedies for those scarces.

I will never know myself until I do this on my own And I will never feel anything else, until my wounds are healed I will never be anything 'til I break away from me I will break away, I'll find myself today" This song used to fill the gap of my loneliness and whenever I used listen to this song, I would find my cheek wet.

Chester was like a member of my family. I had a plan to meet him one day. But that day had converted to a fairy tale. I lost him forever. Perhaps, From Outside everyone is thinking that I am happy and ok. But from inside, I am virtually empty now. Perhaps, No one will be able occupy his place, No one will be able to make comparision between themselves and Him.

And while writting this post, I was crying like that 7 years old Saiful.