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A Delicate Balance

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A Delicate Balance

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Tobias, genially ineffectual as he pours himself and Claire another drink, questions whether he has any fellow feeling left in him. The dramatic setup can seem like a vintage New Yorker cartoon shot through with Pinteresque menace. And MacKinnon's production is stunningly pictorial, a series of artful tableaux coordinating Loquasto's scenic design with Ann Roth's costumes and Brian MacDevitt's shimmering lighting. The sunrise effects MacDevitt manufactures are pure visual poetry. This is an ensemble effort, with no one performer stealing the show as Elaine Stritch did when she played Claire in the Lincoln Center Theatre revival.

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The performances are all sharp — Higgins' Edna is especially crisp — but they're still coalescing. This is the kind of work that will deepen over time. As Agnes, the matriarch who considers herself the "fulcrum" of this household's delicate balance, Close is all patrician glamour and icy control. Dressed as though she were sitting for a portrait by a modern-day Ingres, she is a formidable presence but not a heartless one. Her portrayal reveals the heavy burden Agnes has been carrying of keeping her family — and her own psyche — intact.

Lithgow's Tobias is content to dodder on the margins, but when he's forced by Agnes to assume responsibility as head of the house, he summons the necessary strength. Estranged from his wife's bed since the death of their son, Tobias has been just as long estranged from himself. Creative : Directed by Pam MacKinnon. He was Martin Charnin lived a very full life.

Balancing Bliss and ‘Dark Sadness’

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