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The violin part is most definitely a harmony part. In the violin score, the melody is a C transposition of the clarinet part. The primary violin part in the book is the second part in this score. Metropolitan Klezmer has a recording flute, bass and hand drums. This arrangement is so spare because that is the direction I am taking our performance. However, I doubt that we will try to come with a ney flute.

Which method of viewing music should I use?

I'm making some progress on this. There is more to come. I finally found an arrangement to emulate and expand on. Despite being titled as just a hora, this is a medley of a Romanian hora and a bulgar. The combination of starting slow and then kicking up the pace works particularly well. This is a medley of a Roumanian hora and a bulgar. I haven't transcribed that yet. The B part has this great circus feel to it. This is a medley of Russishe Sher , No. This the same song as No. The arrangement is very different. It arrangement is basically the same as the December ?

The only real change is that I've added a drum part. The MIDI will be useful in understanding the drum rhythms. Note that in the individual reed parts I have a melody, accompaniment and counter melody. The counter melody is the basis of the alto sax and trombone parts. The midi that I am including here has the clarinet playing melody on the first pass and accompaniment on the second. The trumpet reverses that. I believe it is a Shlomo Carlebach melody. This freylekhs is in the A and B sections the same as Shtiler Bulgar. The C section is a little different. The melody was made into the swing standard, "As the Angels Sing".

This is a nice freylekhs with an interesting bass vamp.

Strauss Pizzicato Polka for String Orchestra - Sheet Music PDF file

We actually play it a bit slower than in the recordings. The Klezmer Plus! This is a nice klezmerized tango composed by Reiner Oberbeck. You can find the original of this as well as other compositions and arrangements at his web site. Note, that because of the interplay of the instruments, this is arranged with very specific parts for clarinet, violin and accordion. We can only do this if we have a piano. This is a moderate speed Chasidic nigun. The piano for the introduction is pretty explicit.

You can't just bang chords on that. If there is no piano, start with the bass pickup before A. Arrangement for flute with guitar and bass accompaniment. The film's best bits involve Marla, Jan's wife. Then again, I love Jenny Slate, so I may be biased. But, honestly, the stuff with Marla wanting to enter the pageant to prove that she's just more than Mrs. Jan Lewan was easily the most enjoyable parts of the film. And they could have explored an interesting dynamic in that maybe Jan felt that his wife was not beautiful enough to win the pageant without a little help.

But they don't actually explore that dynamic in the slightest. Once the bribery is revealed, the next major scene involves all of Jan's investors pulling their money out, since they don't want to be associated with a scandal. No follow-up and it's just incredibly disappointing.

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Just like the entire movie ends up being disappointing. They were merely concerned with telling you the facts about Jan Lewan's life and his crimes and that's it. They don't bother to go into any real, actual detail. And, if that was the point of it all, then why even bother? There's two documentaries on Jan's life one of them on Netflix as we speak. I bet those cover the events that took place in more in-depth fashion that the biographical movie did. I will say that I didn't think the movie was bad. The supporting cast is strong, the musical numbers are entertaining enough and there's a certain likability to Jan that feels genuine to how the real man was able to con people into giving him millions of their dollars.

But everything else is lacking. The narrative, basically, being an oversimplification of a compelling real-life story hurt this in the long run. Hell, one of the coolest moments in the entire film has to be when Jack Black, as Jan Lewan in a mid-credits scene, performs one of Lewan's post-prison release songs and, at a certain moment of the performance, they cut to footage of the real Jan Lewan picking up where Jack left off on the song. I mean the performance itself was sad in that no one in the crowd was really reacting to what was going on.

But I still thought it was pretty cool and something that more of these music biographies should do.

Liszt / Chopin: Six Polish Songs (Tozer)

In closing, however, this is not bad but you'll definitely be left wanting more. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Feb 07, The miracle of the casting director enlivens this slight but based-on-a-true-story tale of a immigrant entertainer who embraced America by operating a Ponzi scheme as a lucrative sideline.

Jack Black surprises me for the second time this year and Jacki Weaver an Aussie! Slate and Schwartzman ably hold down the rest. Better than you might've expected Kevin M.

Clarinet Polka in C Flute

W Super Reviewer. Jan 24, Jacki Weaver is every person I've ever strongly disliked in this world, but also she's mostly right about everything going on in this movie. Too much Year One, not enough Bernie. Philip P Super Reviewer. Jan 13, I've always enjoyed watching films with Jack Black as the leading man, but his career has been pretty hit or miss in terms of good and bad content.

Recently with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, he's been having a solid year, but I've been waiting for his classic performances to return. That being said, I loved how he was committed to his role in the recent rendition of Jumanji and The Polka King only continues his recent devotion to acting.

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  • This is a film that completely came under the radar for me, but it's a pretty solid surprise. Exploring the craziness that ensued when one man wanted to create a so-called "Empire," The Polka King follows Jan Lewan as he does his best to find investors for his company, in order to tour the world, making tons of money.

    The only issues are that his touring hardly have him breaking even, while his investors continue to invest money, having him owing millions of dollars and spiraling out of control. More than anything, this was simply a fascinating watch, especially when having the knowledge that it's a true story. Polka itself isn't very interesting to me in terms of art mediums, but there was something about this film that hooked me from beginning to end. From humor to drama, The Polka King has it all.

    Pizzicato-Polka (Strauss Jr., Johann)

    When Lewan is down on his luck, he enjoys finding the best in every situation and that makes for quite a few hilarious scenarios and I found myself audibly laughing on multiple occasions here. Jack Black, as I mentioned already, is a fantastic talent in term of comedy and he doesn't disappoint here. Jenny Slate as Lewan's wife is terrific as well and they share a strange chemistry that I was sort of surprised by. On top of these two great performances, I found myself loving Jason Schwartzman's contribution to this film as well, and I haven't really been blown away by any of his work in the past, so that's saying something from me.

    I may be slightly biased when giving my recommendation here because I'm the type of person who loves the meshing of multiple genres. Not everything in the world is dour and depressing and not everything is cheerful, so a nice blend of the two is always what draws me in more. The Polka King does a great job at making you laugh, but you also feel terrible for this guy, who steals everyone's money, but his heart's always in the right place. In the end, this is one of the better films to be released on Netflix in a while and I recommend it to those who're looking for a quick watch.

    At a breezy 90 minutes, this movie gives you comedy, drama, life lessons, and hope. There's not much more you could ask for from a movie like this. The one downside is that you can sort of predict where the film's going, even if you're unaware of the true story. It's the type of movie that's very solid and worth a watch, but won't ever be up for awards or even remembered for that matter.

    That's a shame because it's a nice little comedy that I believe deserves some attention. KJ P Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Best of Netflix. Go back. More trailers. The Michelle Carter. Young Justice. Alternatino With Arturo Castro. No Score Yet. Deadliest Catch. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Is the couple having a good time? Are they relaxed and smiling, or do they appear robot-like and move stiffly? Do the dancers look like they are working, or are they enjoying themselves?

    Does the couple have vibrancy of movement and charisma? Matching costumes is not necessary, as this is for amateurs, but it is recommended for audience charisma and adds to Appearance. The Twin Cities Polish Festival is a c 3 non profit organization; your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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