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Aug 05, Alex rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller. I absolutely could not put it down. This book was Richard Doestch's debut novel. Kudos to the author for rolling out such a great read on the front end of his writing career. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Dan Brown's Davinci Code. This novel is one of the best thrillers I've read lately, and although it's five years past its publication date, I had to give it a review so anyone who missed out on it can give it a go.

This story is about an average guy who is a reformed burglar who now owns a small and struggling security business. This story is very close to five stars for me because the action is non-stop, the story premise has an original twist, and it is a real nail biter all the way through.

The author manages to pull all that action off while truly fleshing out the main characters without bogging down the action. The protagonist, as well as his friend, Busch, come to life in a meaningful and realistic way. The antagonist is interesting and diabolical. Although there is a bit of 'shades of the Davinci Code', it is not a copy-cat or repeat of that story by any means.

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This story is very much a fresh read and a great ride for readers who like their action while being made to think. In spite of his thieving ways, he's a good man at heart and rescues the woman, knowing it will compromise his get-away. Flash forward, he's on parole, now married to the woman of his dreams and has sworn himself to living on the right side of the law. He keeps that promise to himself and his wife until she is stricken with cancer while they have no insurance. He unknowingly makes a deal with the devil to steal the keys of Heaven in order to earn enough money to pay for his wife's surgery and follow-up treatment.

When Simon informs Michael of what he's done, and that it will cause the gates of Heaven to be closed permanently to anyone who dies from then forward, he realizes the true cost of his actions and is forced to unwind the damage. The only thing that kept me from giving this story five stars was the denouement.

I wish the author had not killed off Michael's wife. Call me a romantic at heart, but St Pierre busts his tail and loses the girl anyway--bummer. I know that's probably very realistic, since we aren't living in heaven on this old ball, but hey, that's why I read fiction.

I want the good guy to get the girl and maybe even a big scoop of HEA in the end, or at least leave me thinking he's got a shot at it. The climax itself however, is awesome, and I guarantee you will be turning the pages right up to the end, just as fast as you can. View 1 comment. Aug 04, Katie rated it did not like it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book started off sort of sillily, and just got sillier from there. The idea of a thief stealing a precious object from the Vatican isn't a bad one, but when you find out that he stole it unknowingly for Lucifer, and then wants to steal it back to protect his wife's soul she's sick with cancer , you start to roll your eyes.

There's not much else to say I wish I hadn't finished this one, and moved onto something else, but what can you do. View 2 comments. Apr 25, Lainy rated it really liked it. Meet Michael St. Pierre, a convicted thieve and now a reformed character.

But what do you do when the life of the one you love is threatened and the only way you can pay for the medical treatment is to go back to a life you promised you never would. Michael has no time for religion but loves his wife who never misses a Sunday at chapel and has religion in her heart. Events push Michael to confront his lack of faith and reassess everything he has thought true and face mans unholiest enemy!

I didn' Meet Michael St. I didn't know what to think when I started this to be honest. The first chapter grabs you with a breath taking daring rescue and then jumps to normal everyday events. However a few chapters in an everything becomes clear. It is a whorl wind story with romance, crime, murder and religion which the last I hadn't expected to be such a huge part in the book. The fight between good and evil becomes a huge part of the book and whilst a lot of people hate reading about it and God and the Devil I think this is a great read and with so many turns and twists it definately kept it interesting.

Once it did, the ride got pretty fun. Sep 10, Blood Rose Books rated it it was amazing. In his debut novel Richard Doetsch explores what a man will do possible save to life and soul of the women he loves, even it means breaking a promise to her, his friends and bringing in to question everything that he believes. In a small room in one of the most protected places on Earth The Sistine Chapel a master thief has come out of retirement to steal what are considered some of the most precious things are Earth, the two keys to Heaven.

Michael who has given up on God and religion has no qua In his debut novel Richard Doetsch explores what a man will do possible save to life and soul of the women he loves, even it means breaking a promise to her, his friends and bringing in to question everything that he believes. Michael who has given up on God and religion has no qualms stealing the keys if it means he may have the ability to save his wife.

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Although Michael may not believe in the Keys there are those who do and they will stop at nothing to possess them. Michael is unaware of the havoc he will create on Earth if he is able to steal the keys and they fall into the wrong hands. Everything Michael knows and believes will be tested, but everything he does is to help save his wife Mary, in this world and beyond.

Great book, great story, great characters, everything was well done in this novel. There is something about a good old fashioned good vs evil plot line that just that the ability to draw the reader into the story. I really enjoyed this book. Doersch writing style, characters and storyline had all aspects that I look for and enjoy in a thriller. This book does have a religious basis, as it is Good good in this book is based around the Catholic beliefs vs Evil, however, I am not religious in any way, shape or form and I really enjoyed this book.

I do not think that it was Doersch's intention to use religion in this book to sway an individual to follow the Catholic ways. Religion and good vs evil just go really well in hand. Michael, is a master thief, but he puts away the only career that he has known for the love of his life Mary well that and the pesky thing of getting caught. Michael is a strong and weak character all at the same time. His wife is dying and he will do anything to protect her, help her even if that means going against the beliefs that his wife has. Michal also struggles with his own beliefs about and whether he believes in God or not all he truly knows is that he believes in Mary.

There is also something about characters for me when they are a Thief. Just the planning and skill that they have to acquire to accomplish their mission has always intrigued me. I find that Doetsch did a great job of giving Michael a believable skill set and I do not think there was one point in the book where Michael did something that was for lack of better comparison Dirk Pitt like. Michael's interaction with his wife and Paul his PO and best friend are really well done in the book.

You can tell that Michael does not want to disappoint or betray either of them but he finds himself backed in to a very tight corner, and he is unsure of which option is the right choice. Simon's character was also really well done. I think that Doetsch could create a whole series of books around Simon.

Simon is a priest who holds a whole different type of sermon, also know as he is a the protector of God and the items He has left of Earth and Simon is not above killing to see that they are protected or killing those that evil so evil is unable to achieve the upper hand. You get to see pieces of Simon's past, why and how he became, essentially a killing machine for the church.

There is a lot of depth to Simon's character and I think this book only truly scratches the surface of it hence my belief that Simon could have a series of his own. Normally, I do not enjoy books when you know who the bad guy or enemy is, however, in this book I found that I worked extremely well with the storyline, plot, characters and I think the overall effect that Doersch wanted to achieve. Plus these supernatural elements are not in your face and occurring all the time, so those who are not a fan of the genre will still be able to thoroughly enjoy this book.

The evil in this book is down right scary and even to me who is not religious it made me think, what if this actually happened, which I think speaks to how well this book is written. The evil characters are well done and scary and are shown that they can be any where and no one is the wiser, which is always a scary aspect.

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This book had everything that I look for in a thriller, a great mystery, lots of suspense, some action and a great cast of characters. Excellent book, and I look forward to reading more about Michael and I hope Simon too. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for their next suspense book, I do not think that you will be disappointed with this one.

Oct 07, Apzmarshl rated it really liked it Recommended to Apzmarshl by: Greg. This book is about Micheal St. Pierre, a thief with morals. The opening is enough to reel you in. He gets caught thieving, even though he is a great thief, because he stops to help the victim of another crime. Michael is later released from prison and has sworn off thieving. He opens his own business and life is going well for he and his gorgeous wife Mary. Events quickly turn for the worst when Mary is diagnosed with terminal cancer and Michael has no way to pay for the treatments.

In steps Aug This book is about Micheal St. In steps August Finster, tempting Michael with a heist and enough money to care for Mary. Michael carries off the heist and finds that he has stolen the keys to heaven for the devil himself. Michael then tries to return the keys to the rightful owners, the Catholic church, as his wife's life slips away. Time is running out because if Mary dies before Heaven's gates are unlocked again, she will remain in purgatory for eternity and her soul will be lost. Very entertaining in a Dan Brown kind of way.

I really enjoyed the premise. It was completely fictitious and running completely against my own beliefs, but once I made myself stop comparing the two things I was ready for the ride. I was very entertained and loved the characters Michael, Mary, not the devil so much , and Paul Michael's best friend and parole officer.

Who doesn't just LOVE cops? I can't think of anybody!! Mar 04, Deb rated it liked it Shelves: thriller , religious. Michael used to be a thief--one of the best--but he gave that up to live with the love of his life, Mary. He doesn't want anything to mess up his life with her, as after a stint in prison he knows he couldn't bear the agony of being seperated from her again. So when he is approached my a mysterious man who wants Michael to steal something for him he refuses--but then Mary gets cancer and there is no way he can pay for her medical treatment.

So Michael gets involved with this mysterious man's req Michael used to be a thief--one of the best--but he gave that up to live with the love of his life, Mary. So Michael gets involved with this mysterious man's request--to steal a set of keys from the Vatican that have a significance Michael is unaware of at first, and that horrifies him when he finds out. Now Michael and his allies must steal the keys back--or Mary will not only be in danger of losing her life, but also her very soul. Although I liked this book well enough to read to the end, I didn't feel it was anything special.

The plot was predictable, although the premise was interesting enough.

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I thought the main character bought into the "keys of heaven" a bit too quickly with little evidence to push him in that direction. Same with his cop friend. It's really hard to see what motivates them to do what they end up doing. It was a quick, easy read. I will read the next on in the series because I got the 3rd one as a giv Although I liked this book well enough to read to the end, I didn't feel it was anything special. I will read the next on in the series because I got the 3rd one as a giveaway and I am crazy like that.

View all 4 comments. Jun 25, Lunasea rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy , angels , z-library. Another incredible book recommended by Donald Maass. It says thriller right on the cover, but it is about the devil and religious supernatural stuff, so I'm counting it as urban fantasy. The premise and fast paced had be tearing through pages. The end was as good as the rest of the book.

I cared about the characters and what happened to them. My only problem was there was no grey to the Devil whatsoever. He wants to go home. That could have been played better maybe I'm biased since that is what Another incredible book recommended by Donald Maass. That could have been played better maybe I'm biased since that is what my book is about. Go read. Oct 21, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed it Feb 22, Bob rated it really liked it. The action never stops — not even when you're absolutely sure the story's at an end. Obviously in this year-old novel much of the pieces pertaining to the Catholic faith come from author Richard Doetsch's wonderfully creative imagination.

He actually does a fairly good job of treating the Church fairly, and mostly accurately. I cringed when he had a priest offer his homily in a "cassock," but that's really just nit picky. It's a good read. Very readable, fast paced A good read, keeps the reader engaged. Minor question in my mind why a couple of chapters were laden with f when the rest of the book was refreshingly free of any sort of cursing.

I learned several things I didn't know about the Catholic church and the Vatican Great read Excitement from the beginning. Although I found this book very interesting and hard to put down, sometimes the graphical torture was a bit much. Liked the characters and look forward to reading another chapter in Michael St. Pierres 's life. Feb 25, Phyllis Fredericksen rated it liked it. Just an okay read. I like religious thrillers and this fits the genre.

Writing is so-so and characters are kind of blah. May 08, Liz Chalker rated it it was ok. I was excited to read this book. The summary sounded great, but I couldnt make it past chapter 4. Slow and hokey-the predictable characters Jun 18, Jeremy Volkmar rated it really liked it. At first the book was hard to get into, but as the pace of the action picked up I found it harder to put down. Mar 02, Carole rated it it was amazing. I wish there were more than 5 stars available!

Fabulous book! It moves at a very good pace, then really picks up! I could not put it down - even to leave work!! I often intend to give a book stars, but fail to log on.

Two Things We Need to Know About Our Longing for Heaven

I HAD to give this book it's well-deserved 5 stars :. Got better as it went. First chapter was rough, but the characters grew on me. It was original and I will read the next one. May 23, Speesh rated it liked it Shelves: adventure. So why read this one? Maybe I thought, he can't possibly do it twice. Or maybe I just wanted to return to the scene of a crime, I don't know.

The plot? It does have one. He needs to steal some keys from The Vatican's absolutely most closely-guarded museum. But that's the easy bit, just the start of his troubles. As that happens about half way through t I seem to have read what actually looks to be the follow-up to 'The Thieves of Heaven'; 'The Thieves of Faith.

As that happens about half way through the book, you know Doetsch is gonna have to go some from there on to top it. Or bottom it. And he does. Well, maybe. Well, who cares. I did read this and enjoy it up to a point. And that point was, where the main villain turned out to be quite obviously The Devil. Yes, him who used to be up there, but is now down here, with us. No getting away from it. It's The Devil. To be fair, the book did have its moments and I rattled through it.

But only after a talk with myself, where I managed to persuade myself to suspend belief, just this one second time. To be more than fair, I liked Richard Doetsch's dedication at the front and he means well. Too perfect. Too worked out. All the characters were so full-on and written to be demanding of our sympathy, that I came to resent them. You just knew what the main man and his wife would love each other unconditionally. You knew his best mate would be a great bear of a man, who would love him unconditionally. You just knew…well, anyone reading this could guess what the characters' personality was and how they looked, just by Doetsch having written their names down in two columns; 'good' and 'bad'.

And in the 'bad' column would have to be, from a European's point of view, whoever came up with the medical system over there in the USA: Where a guy has to go out and rob the bleeding' Vatican to get the money together to treat his dying wife! That's The Devil, right there. He should have just flown her over to Denmark, while he was down there in Italy and I'd have helped look after her I work in a hospital for nothing. But either there are a whole load of people who don't give a monkey's about what they read, or a whole load of very disappointed people.

I don't know if he's written a third one, but I'm gonna stop here. We feel brokenness, and we know that this is not what God created us for. Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

Revelation Here we see though, that he not only frees us, but also is with us, dwelling with us, leading us as our God. But what does this feel like? How do we long for it? Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5 that now, being away from the Lord but at home in the body, we walk by faith and not by sight. We walk by faith that Christ is all he promises to be, not yet having a full experience of all that he is. We know Christ only in part.

So we are left knowing Christ is greatly to be desired, and beginning to desire him, but unable yet to know all that we are desiring. We are then compelled to try to believe, what we cannot yet feel , that God is our true Beloved. Happily, this is an occasion where our feelings and experiences are inadequate to describe reality. Though we may not be able to feel all that the Lord is, we can be assured that he will not only be the one to fulfill the promises of freedom from sin and suffering, but also be far more beautiful and powerful than our feelings can currently measure.

Throughout the Bible, God shows himself to be more than we can handle. In Job, God declares his thoughts are not our thoughts, and his ways are not our ways, but they are far above our understanding. In Isaiah, even the angels cover their eyes with their wings so as not look fully on the glory of God. In Ephesians, he is able to do far beyond what we can ask or imagine. Longing for freedom is good, and it is longing for a promise of God; but we can long for so much more. In a way it is a relief to know that even our deep longings to have no more sin and no more pain are aiming for only a fraction of all that we will experience.

So when we long for comfort, we can remember that he is our Comforter. When longing to be freed from sin, we can remember that he is the one who lifted our burden of sin onto his own body. When longing to be away from the body and at home with the Lord, we can remember that the Lord who will make his home with us is greater than we can even long for. She enjoys cooking, eating, and reading, and she looks forward to Pi Day all year long.

He shares what is His with you. When you die, you will not carry your sin and guilt into your death, because he carried it into His death for you. You will never know My desire was to encourage these nursing home residents that God has prepared a better home, a heavenly home, for those who trust in Jesus Christ. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

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